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June 29, 2011
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An explorer's primer by laughingpineapple An explorer's primer by laughingpineapple
I'll get back to the replies in the following days, but I'm so stupidly proud of this that I wanted to post it as soon as it was finished^^;

Life, the Great Tree etc. is my entry for a "primer" challenge on LJ, a character study in 26 images (or drabbles) for prompts of our own choice, one per letter. I claimed myself 'cause I'm a cheater like that. The texts are mostly mine, plus a couple of tweaked quotes.

Anna: Yeesha writes "I am from her". We all are, in a sense.

Butterflies: this parallel dimension where trollface is not dead skeeves me quite a bit, actually. Yet I keep a reminder in my Relto.

Exiled: not in the "Myst III" sense but in a "giving in to the Call" sense. Sorry Saavedro...

Firemarbles: ...have I ever mentioned that I feel stalked by those shiny things? They're everywhere. And they are watching me e_e

Gray Skies: Atrus' journals mention Mechanical having a gray sky that would last as long as the Black Ships weren't defeated. Mmmh.

Ha!: My standard Myst moment. "Ha! I've discovered this device!" "...and I don't have the faintest idea of what it does. Woe."

Impressions: I had the distinct sensasion of wanting a hug from woman-in-red-probably-Catherine...

Leastness: "Search love" is straight from Words, it's the last line of the "Seek knowledge and you will find..." series. 3rd person view in Descent truly gives me a sense of leastness, of being a small creature in the vast underground darkness.

Myst: I like that EoA seems to encourage us not to give in to nostalgia.

Never: *crossing all the fingers I have*

Overlook is my middle name: story of my point-and-click-gaming life.

Releeshahn: after Garternay and D'ni, I hope it'll work out for the best?

Stranger: player!me and my identity issues with the Stranger and EoA's 'Stranger'

Uru: *super Cavern hug* even when it was empty, I imagined how it would be and now... now... *sniffle*

Vanquish: The good endings of the Myst games thwart the villains' plans, but they're still sad as heck _

Wingrove'd: if we were supposed to believe that the volcano was in the Middle East, what's the appropriate response when unknowingly approaching the real thing?

X, X, X, will I get it right this time? _: pfffffft, I was so far off with that one XD
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Niysiechka Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
It would be great to make it wallpapers!
Madness Ahnonay :lol: and We always been here - it's so good!
CassiopeiaArt Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Wow, this looks truly fantastic, what a wonderful vintage and true MYST feel in the, just lovely :wow: :love:
laughingpineapple Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011
Thanks a lot! :love:
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Kadish trololololol XDDD

E vabbe', Ae'gura :3333
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Kadish l'unico a commentarsi senza parole. Quando una trollface vale pi di mille frasette... poi nota che l in mezzo a catalizzare l'attenzione, il bastardo XD
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*Incornicia "quando una trollface vale più di mille frasette"* XDDDDDD

Beh, magari era lì in mezzo proprio per trollare e quindi farsi trollfaceare... *___*
E-Derby Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2011
Wow! Much to be proud of here! Great work. :nod:
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